ChixOs Arts and Crafts Toy Doll Review

A popular arts and crafts creative toy over the last few years is the ChixOs line of toys. A ChixOs in and of itself is a plastic doll that you could say loosely resembles a chick. What makes this Barbie type doll so unique is that it is made to go along with the PixOs arts and crafts toy that you already have. PixOs are tiny round plastic beads that come in all sorts of colors. A child uses the beads along with a template to create all sorts of fun projects. The PixOs are made of plastic, and when you spray them with water and let them dry they stick together. So the ChixOs and PixOs compliment one another because you can make all sorts of fun accessories for you ChixOs dolls using the PixOs beads.A typical ChixOs toy will come in a themed set and include two or more plastic dolls to play with, and some complimentary pieces that go along with the theme. The set will also include templates to make other accessories using the PixOs. The ChixOs dolls are dressed and the clothing can be mixed and matched with other dolls so your child can have fun with this. They can play with other little girl friends and share and trade clothing with one another as they play for hours with their ChixOs dolls. Each themed also comes with PixOs designer arts and crafts beads so that your child can make accessories for the ChixOs dolls. You child will be endlessly entertained as they use their imagination to make accessories for their ChixOs and for the other pieces that come with the play set.I really struggled to understand what these play sets and dolls were all about as my nine year old daughter tried to explain it to me. Perhaps the best way to understand what the toy does is to talk about one of the themed plays sets. Let us go ahead and see what the Pet Shop set is all about so we can figure out how much fun ChixOs are.The Design a Pet Shop themed ChixOs set comes with two plastic dolls, a pet shop backdrop theme, accessories for the pets, a cute doggie and kitty, one sprayer for the beads, and one hundred and fifty PixOs plastic art beads. The dolls come with outfits of their own with separate tops, pants, and shoes. Your little girl can mix and match the clothing and shoes between the two dolls to have several different clothing combinations. If your child finds a clothing combo that they particularly like they can spray it with the mister and the clothing will stay in place. The two pets come with their own bowls and one very cute looking pet bath. The pet shop backdrop sets the scene for a kids imagination to run wild with creativity as they have hours of fun enjoying their very own pet shop.The included pet bad is dimpled as acts as a template so that any child can work with the PixOs beads and make accessories for the pets and the ChixOs dolls. Your child can make cute colored plastic bones for the little doggie, or a sweet collar and leash for the little cat. If they are very creative they could actually make a little dog house out of the beads. The beads can also be used to make accessories for the ChixOs like purses, bracelets, or a necklace. Really, what your child can make with the arts and crafts beads is almost endless, and if you run out of them you can buy a replacement pack.The manufacturer recommends that this toy be used by children that are four years and older. Children that are three or less should not play with this toy as the beads and accessories are small parts and could potentially present a choking hazard.

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